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Royal Panda
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To mark its launch, Royal Panda is offering Starburst players the chance to win a genuine trip into space. All you need to do is be the first to land a combination with the highest winning amount while playing for real money.

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Slot symbols explained

Each online slot  features a different set of symbols. Some of these are regular ones that reward you with coins, while others activate special features such as free spins and bonus games. Hitting some of these can also lead to you winning jackpot prizes, which can be worth millions of Euro. Below, you will find descriptions for each of the symbols used in online slots.

Standard symbols

This is the most basic category of symbols used in online slots. These don't have any special features, and matching a set of such symbols will "only" win you a predefined number of coins. Each slot has different standard symbols, although there are some similarities for all slot machines. Sometimes, all you need to do is match one or two standard symbols to win, but usually you’ll need to match a set of three or more to receive your payout.
The most common standard symbols you will find playing classic slots are:
  • Fruits
  • BAR
  • 7
  • Bells
  • Card symbols (10, J, Q, K, A)

Wild symbols

Wild symbolThese symbols usually enable you to increase your winnings. They are similar to the joker in some card games. Wild symbols help you complete winning combinations, as these substitute for all (or almost all) symbols which may appear during a game.
Sometimes wild symbols can trigger special game modes. In some games, landing more than one wild symbol can reward the player with free spins , or a bonus game.
There are many different kinds of wild symbol available, such as:
  • sticky wilds
  • expanding wilds
  • stacked wilds
  • trailing wilds
In video slot Starburst, the wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol.

Sticky wild symbols

This kind of wild symbol stays on the reel for an additional spin to improve your chances of winning. Thanks to this feature, your chances of completing a winning combination are doubled. These symbols can be found, for example, in video slot Muse: Wild Inspirations .

Expanding wild symbols

This kind of wild symbol is quite popular. You will find it in games like Thief , Muse: Wild Inspirations and Wild Rockets . Expanding wild symbols automatically expand to cover the whole reel to complete any available winning combinations.

Stacked wild symbols

Such wild symbols appear on reels in stacks of up to three. This means that you can have one,  two or even three wild symbols on a reel at a time. Such symbols can are used in the Wild Turkey  video slot.

Trailing wild symbols

A trailing wild symbol will clone itself after each spin. In such cases, the original wild symbol remains in its position, and the clone slides down one position on the reel. The process can carry on repeating until the moment when the last position on the reel has been occupied by a wild symbol.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbolA slot’s scatter symbols may appear on any reel, and don't need to land in any particular order to trigger a prize payout. For instance, they don’t need to form a line, or even show up on subsequent reels. The number of scatter symbols required to win differs for each slot. In some cases you will need only to land one such symbol, but others may require more.
  • Each slot will have a different design of scatter symbol, so you always need to check which symbol you need to look out for. You will find usually it in the "pay table".
  • Please remember that not all slot machines offer scatter symbols, so always check if the slot of your choice features this option.
You can win up to 30 free spins using scatter symbols in video slot Muse: Wild Inspirations.

Multiplier symbols

multiplier-symbolThe name says it all: these symbols simply multiply your winnings. It works a bit like a wild symbol does, replacing symbols in winning combinations and increasing the payouts according to the multiplier value.
The best way is to show you how the multiplier symbol works is with an example such as the Big Bad Wolf slot machine .. Imagine that matching three cherry symbols rewards you with ten coins. If that combination  contains two cherries and one x2 multiplier, you’ll get 20 coins.
Hitting full moon symbol for 6 times in Big Bad Wolf slot will double your winnings.

Bonus symbols

Bonus symbolThis kind of symbol triggers special features available in certain slot machines. These can be bonus game or free spins mode. Usually it takes one or more of such symbols to start the special game feature, which can appear on any of the slot's reels.
  • In many cases there are no separate bonus symbols in the game. The function of bonus symbol might be taken on by wild or scatter symbols.
  • Please remember that each slot offers different payouts for all of the symbols mentioned above, so always check the "payout table" before you start playing.
Land three bonus symbols in the Mega Fortune slot to start the bonus game.

Lord Of The Rings

Lord Of The Rings Slots

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