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Return to player

Return  to player (RTP) for slot machines  is a figure showing the average amount of money a slot will give back to the player over time. Online casinos express the RTP as a percentage. The higher the RTP, the better the payout from the slot is. So basically, the return to player helps you find the best-paying slot machines.
Example: If a casino says a particular slot offers 90% RTP, that means that on the average, the player will get back $90 for every $100 wagered. It doesn’t mean that the player will win 90% of the time.

Slots with a good return to player

Every gambler who wants to maximize their chances of winning should always look for the slots with the highest RTP. We’ve listed the slots with the highest RTP rates below, complete with links to their reviews on . Take a look at these figures to see if your favorite game offers you a large enough RTP:
1. Fruit machines:
2. Video slots:
  • Big Bad Wolf - 97.34%
  • Gonzo’s Quest - 96.00%
  • Jack Hammer 2 - 97.10%
  • Muse: Wild Inspirations - 97.00%
3. Jackpot slots:

The crucial measure of whether a slot is hot or cold

Slot playerA slot’s RTP is an important measure that enables the player to tell if it’s ‘hot’ or ‘cold’. It provides a value which may help the player to decide which slot he/she should choose to play, as it shows how much money on average you will get back when betting a certain amount of money.

More spins, greater accuracy

Although the RTP is the average return rate for a given game, you should always remember that this statistic has been calculated using thousands or even millions of spins. As a result, you shouldn't expect to achieve the given RTP all the time. Sometimes your chosen slot machine will pay out more, sometimes it will pay out less. Always remember this.

You won’t always get the Return to player percentage

The average RTP for online slots is in excess of 90%. But this doesn't mean you will always receive the given RTP. Some players will strike it lucky and get much more. To demonstrate this more clearly, imagine the following situation:
You’re playing on a video slot  whose RTP is 90%. You wager $100, hit the jackpot and win $1,000,000. In this case your RTP will be 10,000%. That means, you are "the chosen one", while the other gamblers playing that slot will have to pay off your RTP "debt". Statistically, this means the other players will individually recieve considerably less than 90% of their gambled money back, in order to maintain ther overall 90% RTP for the slot.

Information on slots payouts

Today, gambling is highly regulated and everything needs to be clear for players. This includes information on slots payouts.
  • To ensure game rule transparent, online casinos must provide information on each slot's RTP. However, you should be aware of one thing: none of these games give RTPs that are equal to, or greater than, 100%. It is always less
  • This is why, in order to win, you will need to get lucky enough to exceed given RTP. At the same time, this means a certain amount of players will be less lucky and won't get even close to declared RTP.

Example: If the slot developer declares 90% RTP and you will win $200 wagering $100, it means that other gamblers have to lose. In this case 11 other gamblers will have to lose $10 to cancel out your win.

Know your RTP
Every slot offers a different RTP. You might be surprised that your favorite game offers lower chances of winning than others. Still, remember that gambling should be fun, so when choosing your slot we suggest you look for the one which not only pays well but is also fun for you to play.

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